Research with CAA Labs

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CAA Labs provides a supportive ecosystem where entrepreneurs and innovators can incubate and refine their ideas. This support includes mentorship, technical expertise, networking opportunities, access to funding sources, and tailored capacity-building programs. 

CAA Labs aims to foster an environment that encourages experimentation, collaboration, and learning, allowing promising ventures to thrive and contribute to addressing climate change challenges in Africa.

Furthermore, CAA Labs offers acceleration programs that help established climate change solutions scale up their impact. These programs provide targeted support to ventures that have already demonstrated viability, helping them overcome growth challenges, expand their reach, access new markets, and secure additional investment. By facilitating the acceleration of impactful climate change initiatives, CAA Labs drives the adoption and deployment of sustainable solutions across Africa.

LAB Profile boxes 

  1. Research & Policy 
  2. Startup/SME Incubation/acceleration 
  3. Agriculture and Food Security 
  4. Energy Access and Transition 
  5. Resilience & Transportation
  6. Circular Economy