Day: January 7, 2022

clean energy - climateaction
Clean Energy

Inadequate funding underpins Africa’s clean energy poverty

According to the International Energy Agency, since the pandemic, about four out of five people in sub-Saharan Africa are without access to electricity while people who had recently gained access to clean cooking energy reverted to traditional fuels because they could no longer afford it. This restricted access to reliable

mangroves - climateaction
Saving the Planet

#FactFriday: 5 amazing facts about mangroves, earth’s famous decarbonizer

Hello readers. Welcome to #FactFriday on CleanbuildVoices! Mangroves are a group of shrubs and trees that are found mostly in coastal areas. A clustered and floating mop of messy green foliage, mangroves, as plants, aren’t all that appealing to the eyes. However, these tropical shrubs and trees are one of

ISC3 Innovation Challenge - climateaction

Innovators and entrepreneurs can now apply for the ISC3 Innovation Challenge (€15,000)

Application is now open for the ISC3 Innovation Challenge in Sustainable Chemistry and Waste: Prevention, Valorization & Management. The Innovation Challenge is an annual challenge by the International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centre, and it focuses on a specific topic that follows a respective focus topic. The special focus topic for

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