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Day: December 15, 2021

eco-friendly - climateaction

4 top eco-friendly FMCG packaging solutions for African companies

Plastic pollution in Africa is a major threat to the environment and this environmental degradation is a result of single-use plastic packaging by the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation report projects plastics may outnumber fish in the oceans by 2050. The good news is that some

solar sister - climateaction

#Women4theClimate: Katherine Lucey drives solar adoption with Solar Sister

Hello readers. Welcome to #Women4theClimate on CleanbuildVoices! It's another Wednesday and we're excited for you to meet our Woman Crush of the day. She is none other than Katherine Lucey. Katherine Lucey is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Solar Sister which is an innovative last-mile distribution solution for

world economic forum - climateaction
Clean Energy

Innovators can now apply for the World Economic Forum Clean Energy Transitions Accelerator

As seen during the COP26 climate summit, accelerating clean energy transitions has become a global imperative as a key driver for addressing both economic recovery and the current climate emergency. Alongside the World Economic Forum’s Davos Agenda Week, UpLink, a digital platform that centers on digital communities which support the

Opibus - climateaction

Uber and Opibus champion mass adoption of electric motorcycles across Africa

Uber and Opibus have announced a strategic partnership aimed at scaling up the use of electric motorcycles in Africa and deploying up to 3,000 electric motorcycles for drivers by 2022. This is coming after Uber successfully ran its pilot program and its partnership with Opibus is to make the deployment

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