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Fast fashion: Love Island’s second-hand wardrobe idea will promote sustainability

Love Island, the popular dating reality show, will return this summer with new eco-friendly practices in mind. Yes. Contestants this year are ditching fast fashion and will use second-hand clothing for a summer of sustainability! In the sizzling summer series where men and women go to an island with one

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#WorldBeeDay: Why protecting the planet begins with saving the bees

There is a global decline of bees and evidence has shown that global warming is one of the key drivers of the decline. Large bees and comb-building cavity nesters are declining in abundance as temperatures increase and this is because some wild bees and other pollinators have lower heat tolerance,

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Global poll reveals 75% of people want single-use plastics banned

A global poll has revealed consumers' attitudes towards single-use plastics. According to the survey released today by market research firm IPSOS, three in four people worldwide want single-use plastics to be banned as soon as possible, as United Nations members prepare to begin talks on a global treaty to rein

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Sustainability Saving the Planet Trending

4 astonishing eco-friendly product designs you should look out for

Our environment is slowly declining due to our unhealthy practices and way of living. This has necessitated the integration of sustainability into our day-to-day lives. We mentioned about a month ago that sustainable products will go mainstream this year because of the environmental challenges that the world is facing. Well,

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A beginner’s guide to writing climate grant proposals

Climate change is a critical issue all over the world, with many communities across the globe already experiencing its severe impacts. To help vulnerable communities mitigate and better adapt to climate change as well as facilitate environmental research and innovation to foster resilience, donors are looking to fund projects and

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Jeremiah Thoronka lights up Sierra Leone with kinetic energy

Energy poverty is deeply-rooted in Africa, with some countries accounting for lesser electricity access than others. One such country is Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone suffers acute energy poverty - estimated at about 90% - and has one of the lowest electricity access rates across the globe. According to the Sustainable

women - climateaction
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Women in Science: Spotlighting 9 African women in climate research

In science-related disciplines, professions, and discussions, women have been, more often than not, discriminated against and heavily underrepresented. According to recent data from UNESCO, only 28% of researchers employed in research and development (R&D) globally are women and this level differs across regions. This persisting gender inequality in science often

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Sustainability Trending

Watch out for these 5 sustainability trends this year

As the world celebrates a new year and continues the journey towards meeting emissions target, we can't help but see an amazing year for sustainability as more people become aware of climate change, the loss of biodiversity, and the role they have to play to resolve the climate crisis. Below

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