Top 10 Solar Companies in Africa

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Top 10 Solar Companies in Africa

Access to energy still remains one of the major issues facing Africa. Inconsistent, unreliable and in some cases, unattainable lack of  power supply has led to the shutdown of many businesses which further worsens already poor economies.

To address this, solar companies in Africa are creating various innovations to supply clean energy to millions of underserved people across Sub-Sahara Africa. The steady growth of solar companies across the continent does not only contribute immensely to economic growth, but promotes green living.

With the current issue of poor electricity in Africa, solar power projects led by both the public and private sectors (to which solar companies belong) are becoming the order of the day.

In no particular order, below is a list of 10 solar companies disrupting the African renewable energy industry.

Off Grid Electric

Based in Tanzania, this solar company is run by Xiaver Helgesen, Erica Mackey and Joshua Pierce. The company was started in 2011 by (mention their names). Off Grid Electric provides solar electricity at an affordable price which is less than the price of kerosene, electricity bill, batteries.

Recently, the solar company won a 5 million dollars  grant from USAID after raising 25 million dollars from international investors.

M-Kopa Solar

Launched in 2011, the Kenya based solar company now has over 300,000 customers and counting. M-Kopa Solar was founded by M- Pesa, the founders are Nike Hughes,Chad Larson and Jesse Moore. The founders contribute to society by making finance for everyday essentials very accessible.

M-Kopa helps many underbanked customers have access to power and become owners in the long run. They have attracted 40 million investment backed by the bill and the Melinda Gates Foundation Safaricom.

Atlantic Waste and Power System

A Nigeria-based enterprise launched in 2013 by Chris Onwusanya, Atlantic Waste and Power System is a developer of microgrid and utility scale solar projects.

Having returned to Nigeria and experienced the unreliable power supply and the constant power outage, Onwusanya partnered with a French electricity project developer to address this. The solar company was to help Nigeria achieve a clean and reliable power supply.


In 2015, Powerhive became the first private company in Kenya to receive a utility concession to generate, distribute and sell electricity to Kenyans. Founded by Christopher Hornor in 2011, the company’s goal is to grant everyone clean energy and its opportunities.

Helvetic Solar

Founded by Patric Ngowi, Helvetic Solar services range from solar panels to solar heater, back-up unit etc. The company serves customers across countries in East Africa. Helvetic Solar ranked at the top of the East Africa Survey of top 100 Mid-size companies in Tanzania in 2012. A year later, the company made up to 5 million dollars


An acronym for African Renewable Energy Distributor, ARED was founded by Henri Nyakarundi. The Rwanda based startup developed a mobile solar kiosk that comes with built- in solar panels that could generate power to charge more than a dozen phones at once.

ARED’s power solution has helped a lot of people to earn a living and create job opportunities for ordinary people. It also a supplier of clean energy to charge phones.

Quaint Global

Lunched in 2010, this Nigeria-based company is a provider of solar energy solutions to rural communities in Nigeria. Quaint Global, co-founded by Seun Solesi, was recognized by Forbes as one of Africa’s most cleantech startups in 2015. Also, the solar company received a grant of 1.3 million dollars grant as part of Obama’s Power Africa Initiative.

Karibu Solar Power

This innovative company models itself as a social enterprise that supplies energy at kerosene price. Founded by Sameer Gulamani in 2012,the Tanzania based startup aims to bring sustainable energy to Africa.

This it does by designing, manufacturing and distributing solar pay as you go ‘business in a box’. In 2014, Karibu solar emerged of the Cornerstone International Business SEED award.

Ugesi Gold

Ugesi Gold is a South African solar company whose goal is to use its solar turtle, a shipping container that is converted into a solar battery charging station where local individuals can buy power.

The solar enterprise won the award for Climate Saver in 2014 and has been awarded a 110% Green Flagship Initiative by the South African Western Cape Government.

Sunny Money

A social enterprise, Sunny Money is owned by a UK-based charity called Solar Aid, which operates in Malawi, Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Zambia and Tanzania. Its goal is to provide solar power to the rural communities thereby eradicating the kerosene lamp for good.

These companies provide solar for Africa and will grow to eliminate power issues, save the African economy and reduce fossil fuels emission.

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