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Saving the Planet Smart Cities Sustainability

A look at green real estate in Africa’s sustainability agenda

Businesses in Africa are waking up to the need to urgently cut carbon emissions across commercial real estate and these increasingly changing attitudes are reflected in the financial value of the buildings around us. Attention is now turning to the preservation of the value of buildings to avoid the risks

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Sustainability Circular Economy Smart Cities

#CircularTuesday: The circular economy in urban design for sustainability

The circular economy is rapidly dominating policy conversations as well as business strategy plans, and deservedly so - the demand for raw materials is predicted to double by 2050. The linear economic model which the world had been running on until circular economy became mainstream, simply entailed raw materials being

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Saving the Planet Carbon Smart Cities

Decarbonizing buildings: An effective solution for mitigating the climate crisis in Africa

The building sector accounts for an astonishing 38% of carbon emissions globally. These emissions come from various sources, with the first being direct emissions from the use of fossil fuels like coal, oil, and natural gas in buildings. On the other hand, there are indirect emissions from the use of

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Opibus unviels first-ever electric bus designed and developed in Africa

Opibus is in the news again and as expected, the EV developer that develops, designs, and manufactures electric vehicles is paving the way for zero-emission transportation in Africa. The Swedish-Kenyan technology company headquartered in Kenya has unveiled, via a press release, its first electric transit bus designed and developed upon

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Uber and Opibus champion mass adoption of electric motorcycles across Africa

Uber and Opibus have announced a strategic partnership aimed at scaling up the use of electric motorcycles in Africa and deploying up to 3,000 electric motorcycles for drivers by 2022. This is coming after Uber successfully ran its pilot program and its partnership with Opibus is to make the deployment

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Smart Cities

Green buildings: A viable solution to urbanization?

According to data from the United Nations (UN), about 68% of the world's population will live in cities by 2050. Cities represent 3% of the world's land surface and consume about 78% of energy while producing about 60% of greenhouse gas emissions. It is for this reason that the UN

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Smart Cities

Building eco-friendly cities: A panacea for climate change adaptation

Climate change has necessitated a gradual shift from the use of fossil fuels to cleaner and renewable energy sources. As people seek ways to adapt to the effects of climate change, it becomes even more important to ensure that cities are not only eco-friendly but also sustainable. This is because

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Electric vehicles (EVs) and the future of e-mobility in Africa

Electric vehicles, EVs for short, are vehicles that are either partially or fully powered by electricity. Their main attraction is because they are very environmentally friendly because they use little or no fossil fuels (petrol or diesel). Even more, electric vehicles are cheaper to run. As talks of climate change


Ampersand secures $9m for the expansion of its electric motorcycles

Ampersand, Kenya's first electric motorcycle company, has secured $9million from the US International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) to expand its operations in Rwanda and Kenya. This loan is a part of DFC’s portfolio for the Impact and Innovation (PI²) initiative and contributes to DFC’s commitment to the US Energy Compact


Opibus raises $7.5 million at COP26 to expand its electric vehicles market

As countries and corporate leaders make pledges to mitigate climate change during the course of COP26, innovators of climate-focused solutions are in search of funding to help them launch or expand their operations. Opibus is one such organization. The firm has announced a $7.5 million funding which it secured to

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