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Uganda - climateaction
Saving the Planet Sustainability

Climate resilience: Farmers and agribusinesses in Uganda to receive over $5m in funding

Climate change is affecting the food system in Uganda. This calls for climate-smart agricultural practices to help families and agribusinesses adapt to better crops, growing techniques, and soil improvement practices in response to climate change. Climate justice also needs to be prioritized to support the most climate-vulnerable communities and countries

real estate - climateaction
Saving the Planet Smart Cities Sustainability

A look at green real estate in Africa’s sustainability agenda

Businesses in Africa are waking up to the need to urgently cut carbon emissions across commercial real estate and these increasingly changing attitudes are reflected in the financial value of the buildings around us. Attention is now turning to the preservation of the value of buildings to avoid the risks

Erongo - climateaction
Saving the Planet

Surviving drought: Namibia’s Erongo Desalination Plant to convert seawater to freshwater

Namibia, with a population of over 2.58 million, is grappling with a national water crisis due to severe droughts. In the 2018/19 rainy season, the country only received about 50% or less of average seasonal rainfall (one of the driest since 1981) thereby posing serious constraints to its economic, environmental,

climate change - climateaction
News Saving the Planet

Green transition and climate change resilience top the list as UN High Level Champion for COP26 visits Nigeria

The United Nations High Level Champion for COP26, Nigel Topping, was in Nigeria on June 14, 2022, on a 3-day visit to engage with stakeholders in Abuja and Lagos on the implementation of national climate change plans (including the Nationally Determined Contributions, Energy transition Plan and Climate Change Act) and

lesein mutunkei - climateaction
Advocacy Featured Saving the Planet

Lesein Mutunkei tackles deforestation with football

Lesein Mutunkei is not your average teenager, he's a 'green footballer". The 17-year-old environmental activist from Kenya is one of Africa's leading climate activists with a unique path - combining two of the things that he loves the most which are football and the environment. How it all began Lesein

climate change - climateaction
Saving the Planet

Famine: Climate change is dealing Africa a heavy blow

The Horn of Africa is experiencing its worst drought in 40 years, no thanks to climate change. Climate change is resulting in higher temperatures, water scarcity, droughts, floods, and other extreme weather-related events across Africa. This is fueling the hunger crisis as decreasing harvests, and increasing food prices threaten the

Kër Thiossane - climateaction
Recycling Projects Saving the Planet

Climate change: Trash-inspired art featured at Kër Thiossane’s 2022 AFROPIXEL Festival

The environmental problems that the world is battling today stem from the indiscriminate activities of humans. Ecosystems are being degraded and polluted, resulting in an inhabitable environment for humans and other living species. Oftentimes, the solution to these environmental problems usually just means ridding the earth of all the thrash that

wildlife rehabilitation - climateaction
Saving the Planet

Wildlife rehabilitation and why it is crucial for Africa’s response to the climate crisis

Climate change is not only influencing extreme weather (flooding, drought, heatwaves, storms, etc.) in Africa but is also a key driver of species extinction on the continent. According to the Threat Classification Scheme of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), climate change and severe weather are among the

global warming - climateaction
Saving the Planet

Global warming is giving rise to sleep loss

Climate change is causing global warming and resulting in a rapid increase in nighttime temperatures (at a quicker rate than daylight temperatures), making sleeping impossible. According to a study, the average person loses 44 hours of sleep every year, which equates to 11 nights of fewer than 7 hours of

greenwashing - climateaction
Recycling Carbon Saving the Planet Sustainability

Big plastic polluters and their never-ending greenwashing agenda

Most businesses with plastics at the core of their production are trying to be greener. However, a good number of these big plastic polluters have been on a greenwashing spree to gain public validation and pass off as playing their part to save the environment but not all of them

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