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Climate change: Trash-inspired art featured at Kër Thiossane’s 2022 AFROPIXEL Festival

The environmental problems that the world is battling today stem from the indiscriminate activities of humans. Ecosystems are being degraded and polluted, resulting in an inhabitable environment for humans and other living species. Oftentimes, the solution to these environmental problems usually just means ridding the earth of all the thrash that

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Solar Energy: Sterling Bank ‘s Imperium Platform to provide solar energy solutions to consumers

Nigeria is home to Africa’s largest population and has the largest economy in the continent in terms of nominal GDP. Along with its population strength and economic power comes its abundance of both traditional and renewable energy resources, especially solar. To put this into context, Nigeria has an average of

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Taking a cue from Green Economy Ghana’s project on plastic waste management

Ghana’s plastic waste situation is dire as 1.1 million tonnes of plastic waste per year is released into the environment causing pollution, blockages of gutters and drainage systems leading to flooding, etc. Approximately 70% of plastic input materials in Ghana are used only for packaging. Out of the total plastic

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A beginner’s guide to writing climate grant proposals

Climate change is a critical issue all over the world, with many communities across the globe already experiencing its severe impacts. To help vulnerable communities mitigate and better adapt to climate change as well as facilitate environmental research and innovation to foster resilience, donors are looking to fund projects and

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Solar power: South Korea offers Nigeria $12.4m worth of solar mini-grids

South Korea has offered to help Nigeria develop nuclear energy options to address power generation supply and shortage in the country. This was disclosed by the Ambassador of South Korea to Nigeria, Kim Young Choe, at an interactive session with the Senate Committee on Power, chaired by Senator Gabriel Suswam,

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