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Pollution: Preventing its harmful effects on the developing brain in early childhood

The role of air pollution in the climate crisis is a far-reaching one, with some pollutants such as black carbon and ozone increasing warming by trapping heat in the atmosphere, and others such as sulfur dioxide forming light-reflecting particles and having a cooling effect on the climate. The harmful effects

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Saving the Planet Health

#FactFriday: Climate change can affect mental health

Hello readers. Welcome to #FactFriday on CleanbuildVoices! People all around the world are grappling with the impacts of climate change on mental health – from post-disaster traumas to anxiety about the future. Little wonder terms like 'eco-anxiety' now dominate climate-related conversations. Climate change can affect mental health in two distinct but connected

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The impact of climate change on mental health

Climate change is no longer an impending threat, but a destructive reality with dreadful future outcomes. Discussions on how climate change affects human physical health abound, not much is said about mental health. The population segment affected by climate change includes children, elderly people, chronically ill people, persons with disabilities,


The health risks posed by fossil fuel generators

The rate at which power outages occur across most developing countries has increased the use of fossil fuel power generators and the more there is an increase in the number of emissions the more health it affects. The amount of fossil fuel generators used in residentials is according to how

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