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greenwashing - climateaction
Recycling Carbon Saving the Planet Sustainability

Big plastic polluters and their never-ending greenwashing agenda

Most businesses with plastics at the core of their production are trying to be greener. However, a good number of these big plastic polluters have been on a greenwashing spree to gain public validation and pass off as playing their part to save the environment but not all of them

smart devices - climateaction
Saving the Planet Carbon

A look at smart devices and their role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions

The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has released a major report stating that humans need to cut down greenhouse gas emissions in half this decade to avoid intensified climate change that would be too catastrophic for humans and ecosystems to adapt. The scientists who authored the report

Sustainability Carbon Saving the Planet

#SolutionMonday: 5 steps to decarbonizing your e-commerce company

Hello readers. Welcome to #SolutionMonday on CleanbuildVoices! E-commerce all over the world is experiencing rapid growth, thanks to technological advancements and companies' hunger to drive sales and meet customers' needs. However, the growth of e-commerce consequently adds to the increasing global carbon emissions. Carbon emissions for most e-commerce companies lie

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Advocacy Carbon Saving the Planet

#ClimateJusticeThursday: Carbon inequality, a disservice to poor countries

Hello readers, Welcome to #ClimateJusticeThursday on CleanbuildVoices! The global community established SDGs, adopted the Paris Climate Agreement, and proposed to keep global temperature increase below 2.0 °C or 1.5 °C. This has left the world with a limited carbon emission budget which requires substantial reductions of yearly emissions. The problem, however, is

decarbonizing buildings - climateaction
Saving the Planet Carbon Smart Cities

Decarbonizing buildings: An effective solution for mitigating the climate crisis in Africa

The building sector accounts for an astonishing 38% of carbon emissions globally. These emissions come from various sources, with the first being direct emissions from the use of fossil fuels like coal, oil, and natural gas in buildings. On the other hand, there are indirect emissions from the use of

carbon sinks - climateaction
Saving the Planet Carbon

Is the earth on the verge of losing its natural carbon sinks?

The earth is made of essential ecosystems that help it maintain balance. As the world grapples with the changing climate, it then becomes important to protect these vital ecosystems because they do not only tackle climate change but also keep our climate stable. These ecosystems are carbon sinks and no,

solar power - cleanbuild

Starsight Energy Nigeria gets carbon certification

Starsight Energy has received carbon accreditation, making it the first renewable energy provider in Nigeria to do so. The firm specializes in commercial and industrial solar electricity and is financed by Helios Investment Partners, an African-focused investment firm. Starsight Energy provides commercial and industrial clients in Africa with clean on-grid


Africa: A dumping ground for used and low-quality cars?

As Africa fights climate change, a slew of reasons continue to hinder the continent's efforts; one of such is the importation of secondhand, over-used cars. If you asked an average African if they dream of owning a car, you hear a resounding yes, of course. However, as much they wish


Eskom emits more carbon than other power plants in the globe

A recent report has it that Eskom, South Africa's coal-reliant electricity supplier, emits more sulfur dioxide than any other energy company in the globe. The study published by the Center for Research on Energy and Clean Air (CREA) reveals that the company has surpassed the United States, the European Union,

by Cleanbuild.africa
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Building a low-carbon manufacturing industry can help Africa’s economy and energy transition- McKinsey

The pathway to achieving a net-zero emission future by 2050 is paved with challenges. Yet these pale in comparison to the risks of not exploring every avenue to reach this goal. As the effects of climate change play out in different forms across the world, great emphasis has been put

by Adenike Abati
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