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ClimateActionAfrica proudly presents. “Climate Stories for Kids”

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=n5D3Ci5j8CcClimateActionAfrica proudly presents. “Climate Stories for Kids” 🌟, a captivating series designed to educate and...
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The Africa Climate Summit

The Africa Climate Summit and fossil fuel commitments

The Africa Climate Summit presented a chance for African countries to reconsider their dependency on fossil fuels...
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livestock/climate change

 Climate change and livestock in Africa: A race against time

  Livestock are deeply woven into the fabric of Africa’s social, cultural, and economic life...
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hydroponic farming in Nigeria

The potentials of hydroponic farming in Nigeria: Revolutionizing the agricultural system

Hydroponic farming in Nigeria is a radical departure from traditional agriculture and has the potential to...
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climate stories 4 kids/climate action africa

Climate Action Africa launches Climate Stories 4 Kids animation series to educate and inspire young Africans

  Climate Action Africa is excited to announce the launch of Climate Stories 4 Kids...
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