is a proudly African NGO working at the forefront of Africa’s climate action ecosystem. Our work focuses on climate literacy and advocacy, fostering collaborations, and uniting key stakeholders to ensure we all work towards building a more sustainable and climate-resilient Africa.

Nature We understand the importance of contextualizing and translating the global problem into relatable challenges which can be found around us, ensuring that Africans understand the climate change realities from an African context rather than a western perspective.

This enables us to create indigenous solutions that address our realities and are easily implementable, affordable, and produce accelerated results.

Our Mission

To build an ecofriendly, sustainable Africa through effective collaborations and establishing an enabling ecosystem where initiatives and innovations thrive.

Our Focus
Climate Literacy and Advocacy

We work with multiple partners to contextualize the global problem to Africa’s reality. Ensuring Africans understand and know how best to take actionable steps to contribute to a more eco-friendly Africa. We also educate and sensitize the public on the dangers of climate change, global warming, environmental degradation, single-use plastics and how we all contribute to the problem, and how we can avert its effects.

As advocates we ensure everyone’s voice is heard in the climate action conversation, seeking justice through media exposure for the unseen and underrepresented. Above all advocating for better climate policies in Africa.

Incubating and Accelerating Solutions

In partnership with Innovation hubs and other global accelerators, we co-run programs for ingenious and pan-African climate-related innovations. These innovations are not specific to one vertical but cut across all climate-related areas i.e. agriculture, renewable energy, disaster management solutions, healthcare, biodiversity, circular economy innovations.

Research and Development

We understand the critical role of R&D in accelerating the growth of climate change combating innovations. To this end, we are dedicated to working with various Academia, and other research institutes to develop and create solutions that can easily be adopted & implemented by other innovators, for accelerated change and progress for the African continent.

In a world that is being overtaken by pollution, we are committed to supporting efforts to reduce global warming and other catastrophic effects of climate change.

To accelerate the progress of stakeholders in the climate advocacy ecosystem, there is also the need to push for the enforcement of climate action civic responsibility.

Hence, part of what we intend to do is encourage individuals, SMEs, and companies, manufacturers, multi-lateral agencies, and governments at all levels to be aware of the need to be environmental and circular-economy conscious, incorporating eco-friendly practices such as recycling and the use of solar or alternative energy in daily living.

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